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CMP R1 Adaptations

Through this course we will explore a number of adaptations of a variety of organisms, each related to one of the Life Processes.

Section 1 – An introduction to life process and adaptations
In the first section of this course, we will review the fundamental processes which all living organisms need to do, to be classified as living. We will then encounter three key types of adaptation: structural, behavioural and physiological, and use a specific example to illustrate each of these.

Section 2 – Life processes
During this section we will focus on a number of the life processes and study a variety of adaptations which enable organisms to survive, reproduce and exploit different habitats. There will be the opportunity for independent research into adaptations related to oxygen carrying capacity and oxygen storage capacity in a diverse range of animals.

Section 3 – Human influences
In this final section, we will study ways in which humans have actively tried to cause changes to certain organisms, for our own benefit. The course will conclude with a further piece of independent research looking at how technology is enabling humans to adapt to certain conditions and circumstances.
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed