Downe House Global Academy

DHGA Buddy Sessions

Welcome to the Downe House Global Academy ‘Buddy Sessions’! Its your chance to network with girls from your year group here at Downe, UK. You can talk to them about life in England, boarding, academics, wider school participation, their interests and anything that makes you get to know us more.
Our girls here are also keen to get to know you and learn more about China, its education system and life in general.
Are you ready…..because we are
  • Semester 2
  • Live Buddy Session Aston Saturday 11 June 9.40am
  • Live Buddy Session Richards One- 21 May 8.30am
  • ASTON 1
  • Live Buddy Session - Aston One - 27 November 8.30am UK time
  • Aston Founders
  • Live Buddy Session - Aston Founders - 27 November 12pm UK time
  • Richards 1
  • Live Buddy Session Richards One- 4 December 10:40am
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed