About us

Online courses for Intellectually Ambitious Students

Introducing the Downe House Crest Award

A super-curricular programme that enables students to stand out from the crowd.

We offer three study options, the features are outlined below:


Two 10-week semesters of study over one academic year - Three courses to include World Ready Programme

OPTION TWO: DHGA Crest Certificate

One 10-week semester of study - Three courses - three hours of study per week for one semester only

OPTION THREE: Standalone

Standalone 10-week course (one subject only)

Our courses for students aged 11 to 15 years, enhance curriculum studies and develop the vital skills that universities and employers look for - problem solving, critical thinking along with soft skills.

One- hour live lessons 3 times a week in STEM, English Literature and Social Science (taught by Downe House teachers), course material, assessment and feedback are all offered on our bespoke LMS.


Semester I - September to December 2024

Semester II - March to June 2025

Our World Ready programme (available to students choosing to study the one-year DHGA Crest Award) includes:

Skills for the Modern World: 10 Week course

* Supercharge your IQ, EQ, AQ & SQ (Intelligence, Emotional, Adversity and Social quotients - key to personal and professional success!)

* 10 x 1-hour sessions including 'gaming style' technology!

* Join our immersive online world to take the team challenges, tackle complex problems and develop 21st Century skills via play.

* Described by parents as 'Pokémon meets Sherlock Holmes!'

Two 1-hour live in-depth insight sessions: 'Getting into Boarding Schools' (Semester I) and 'preparing for Top Universities' (Semester II)